Evan West Writing is Coming Soon…

Everyone wants to improve their self and become a better person.

- You want a better job.

-You want more fulfilling relationships.

-You want a more fulfilling life.

-And you want any number of other things. (Better physique, better conversation skills, better memory, etc.)

What makes it so difficult is that unlike a new TV or a shiny new car being better isn’t something you can just go out and buy. It takes hard work to improve yourself. Becoming better isn’t easy. But you know what’s harder?

Trying to become better without any idea of how to go about it. If no one’s ever taught you how to get the job of your dreams then no amount of hard work will get you there. Like a drowning man who’s never learned to swim, you’ll just be flailing about, working your ass off, and getting nowhere fast.

That’s where this blog will come in. Primarily, Evan West Writing will provide content for self-improvement blogs that belong to others. But no one wants an expert who can’t prove they know what they’re talking about. So while I’ll be providing content to other blogs, who will in turn charge for their information, this blog can be your short cut to free content.

That’s why I suggest you subscribe. So on my launch date you’ll get the sort of information I sell to other sites, but for free. My launch date is set for June 7th (my birthday). My goal is to have an email list of 1,000 by the time I premiere my first article. I’ll keep you posted on this blog’s progress if you subscribe and we can work to get there together.

I hope to be emailing you great advice soon,

Evan West